Saturday, September 26, 2009

Waiting for Updates

Ever since Blazblue came out, I was waiting for a sequel. I still haven't found a character to main. Street Fighter IV, I just didn't want to look deep enough into to learn well (though i didn't have a main there, either).
Now that updates are on the way for both, things are perhaps looking up. If the rumors are to be believed, one of my favorite Street Fighter characters is going to be reintroduced in SFIV (Makoto), which may finally give me cause to actually learn her.
As for Blazblue, the recent location tests reveal that the new character Tsubaki has at least some resemblance to Holy Order Sol, and she has a command throw. I don't know if I'll play her, but that's pretty good news to start out with.
Though, the recent location tests also reveal that Tager and Hakumen, characters I have some interest in already, have seemingly been buffed relatively substantially.

I guess we'll see what's really up in a number of months when the updates are finally released to arcades.

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