Friday, July 3, 2009

Who is your main?

Years ago in the back of Playstation Magazine, the secrets section described how to unlock Testament, Baiken, and Justice in the original Guilty Gear. They went on to describe Baiken as being possibly the first handicapped character in a fighting game, as she is one-eyed and one-armed.
I myself lack vision in one eye, and I felt that at some point in time I would have to learn Baiken.
We'll guesstimate heavily and say maybe 5 years later I started playing Guilty Gear X2. Baiken was the first character I used. I had to. We had an eyeless bond.
And together with Baiken I learned how to guard-cancel. I learned how to combo. I learned how to dustloop.

And springing from that (particularly from learning how to combo, which I didn't really understand back when I used to play Street Fighter II with my brother), I learned the basics of the rest of the cast. And then I branched out into other fighting games.
But if the blame has to go somewhere, it is Baiken.

Blazblue came out recently, and I feel lost. Three of my good friends are playing it as well, but the big difference between us at this point is that they all have mains. jcdenton is going to play Nu, and he's going to be crazy-good at it. Twinkiebomb (perhaps of note to SFIV players) took to Noel so quickly I'm already afraid for the next time we play together. And a guy I know who never got into Guilty Gear seems pretty determined to learn Taokaka.
And I'm floating, confused.

Fighting monogamy, indeed.

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  1. I understand the feeling of being lost in BB's cast; though I settled on my main upon watching the first videos of her unlocked, every character has compelling qualities and I want to learn them all.

    That having been said, you have mained other fighters in the past that you don't have much in common with, unless you have been hiding your commonalities to Russian bear wrestlers from me for five years.

    You can't expect every game to have an ABA from the start, it took GG five iterations to get a charcter you liked that much. I did not settle on Balrog in SFIV until spent many hours with the game.

    Finding a main is like falling in love, sometimes it happens immediately and sometimes it sneaks up on you. And if your parents use a matchmaker, you might not play them at all until the day of the big, I think this metaphor has gotten away from me.

    Carl, Noel and Tager seem like viable candidates for you, or maybe you've been eyeing someone else since we played. Anyway, keep at it, I need a match to be afraid of.