Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Further Misadventures In Recruiting: “They still make Street Fighter?” – 06.24.09

“Do you have Street Fighter?” The conversation floated into my room from yet another group of people I did not know. For once, the revolving door of strangers appeared to be yielding fighting game dividends. A few more name-drops of the franchise later, one of my roommates called me in to partake. “He’ll kick your ass,” he said, pointing to me.

Silently I hung my head in dismay; this was possibly the worst thing he could have said. Presumably this new challenger was not that great, but assessing his skill would be a lot harder if he got scared off and did not even attempt to play. However, this turned out not to be an issue, as he was looking to play a drinking game (one shot per game lost) and decided on SF because “It goes quickly.”

With this in mind, I bowed out and let the rest of the party go on button mashing their way to inebriation. Amusingly, a fair number of the matches resembled this Portuguese TV show, flailing Blankas and all. Fights dragged on, especially once I told them how to perform the perennial scrub favorite electricity. After about 20 minutes, I was challenged and barely eked out a victory on a Dualshock 3; the combination of erratic opponents and pad execution made matches closer than they probably should have been. My roommate ended up being my easiest match, interestingly enough; even though he had no trouble beating everyone else, he knows just enough about the game to be predictable and intimidated.

Shortly thereafter it was clear that interest and sobriety were waning. Smash came out, only to be replaced by Tiger Woods PGA 2007, then Wii Sports, arguably following the deterioration of motor skills. The highlight of the evening occurred when one person noticed the “arcade setup” under the TV and gave me an un-ironic high five; I hoped his amazement and compliments were signs that he too enjoyed fight sticks, but alas, this was not the case. Once again, an evening that began with such possibility ended in disappointment, though it was naïve to believe it would turn out otherwise. Back to the laggy online jungle for me.

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